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How much would you pay to get your lost wallet back?

Chipolo CARD is the smartest way of locating your misplaced wallet, passport, remote control, …etc. Connect it to your phone (FREE Chipolo App) and find the missing object by locating the sound or location marked on Google maps.

It is the thinnest Chipolo to date. The card keeps you from losing your wallet and helps you to stay calm when searching for missing items. Use the Chipolo app to ring your misplaced wallet or double click on Chipolo to find your phone. It tracks your wallet and notifies you when you forget it.

How exactly does it work?

Imagine you are in a bar and have a Chipolo in your wallet.

  • You walk out of the bar without your wallet (out of range of your Chipolo - 60m). When suddenly your phone starts ringing, reminding you that you forgot your wallet. Out of range notification prevents you losing your valuables.
  • But what if you didn’t hear your phone ring? You come home where and notice that your wallet is missing. You can simply check the Chipolo app to see the last location, where your phone was connected to your Chipolo in your wallet.
  • But what if somebody already took your wallet? In this case you can report your Chipolo missing in the Chipolo app. As soon as any other Chipolo comes in the range of yours, you will receive a notification with the exact location of your wallet. Yes, the entire Chipolo community will help you search for your belongings.

What if my phone is missing? Chipolo also works in the opposite way. Just double-click your Chipolo and your phone will start ringing, even if it’s in silent mode.

What if I lose both, Chipolo and my phone? Just go to the Chipolo web app where you can locate your phone. After that you can also locate your Chipolo.


- Thin design (2,15 mm)
- 1-year battery life (renewal program)
- 95 dB loud melody
- Voice-controlled

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