Well o’clock is a project powered by Inventedfor.com, a global crowdsourcing platform for developing ideas into smart products that ease our everyday lives.  

The project’s mission is to generate gifts with purpose, personality, and emotional value.

Our philosophy

What truly matters in our life, is how we feel. Discovering feelings of joy and experiencing well-being should be the main priority in our daily lives. One way to increase our wellness is by choosing products that support our health and happiness. Items that positively impact our physical and mental health are essential to feeling great.

These kinds of items are also the most perfect way of telling loved ones and business partners, “I care for you!”

By including a heart-felt message along with the gift, you are able to create a meaningful story that deeply resonates with the recipient. Gifts that have genuine purpose bring out the best in everyone, contributing to a collective sense of well-being. So, join along! It’s well o’clock time!