Our story

The Well o'clock project, led by Inventedfor.com, a global platform for developing ideas into products that make our everyday lives easier, now also includes the work of the renowned Slovenian sports psychologist and Olympian, Sara Isaković. Sara has combined her knowledge and experience with the philosophy of the Well o'clock project to create products and educations with purpose, personality and emotional value.

Our philosophy

What really matters in life is how we feel. Discovering feelings of joy and experiencing well-being should be top priorities in our everyday lives. One way to increase our well-being is to choose products that support us in this. Products that have a positive impact on our physical and mental health are key to an exceptional well-being.

It's time for Well o'clock! It's time to feel good.

Sara Isaković, with her professional knowledge and experience, adds a unique dimension to this project by combining her methods of mental training and performance psychology, which are crucial for achieving top results both in sports and in the business world. Its presence and inclusion emphasize the importance of psychological well-being and personal growth in well-being.