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The First Goal-Setting Tool in Board Game Form

Play to Make it Happen” takes you on a two-hour journey through a landscape in which each stop represents one important aspect of setting and achieving your goal.

With a written action plan, a powerful WHY, a support system, meaningful values, empowering beliefs, reminders scattered around, and lots of scientifically proven methods to stay resilient along the way, you will be ready
to pursue your goal with confidence and set yourself up for success.

You'll learn how to:

Turn any desire into an achievable goal

Understand why achieving a goal is important to you

Develop a detailed action plan

Build psychological resilience to inevitable obstacles

Free yourself of limiting beliefs

Discover the power of goal visualization

Rewire your brain’s RAS system to achieve success

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to set personal goals, while achieving the mindset shift needed to obtain all you desire for the rest of your life.

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